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Rescue Systems, Inc.
Products manufactured and sold by Rescue Systems Inc. are intended for use by professionals who have received proper training and are experienced in the use, care, inspection and maintenance of these products.  Paraprofessionals such as volunteers or persons participating in firefighting, rescue, outdoor risk sports such as mountaineering, sport rappelling, canyoneering, and caving will be held to the same standard of training and competence as professionals.  Technical rescue, firefighting, and participation in risk sports is potentially hazardous.  Any person using equipment manufactured or sold by Rescue Systems Inc. in any manner is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques and safety methods, including adequate backups, and the use of good judgment and risk management.  The user assumes all risks and accepts full and complete responsibility for any and all damages or injury of any kind, including death, which may result from the use of any equipment manufactured or sold by Rescue Systems Inc.
Rescue Systems Inc. is not liable for any damages arising from abuse or improper use of the equipment, the failure to follow adequate safety precautions, or the breach of Duty Of The Purchaser and User.  Adequate training and judgment are needed to reduce the risks inherent in the use of equipment sold by Rescue Systems Inc.  Management of those risks and the users efforts to reduce them are beyond the control of Rescue Systems Inc. and therefore the liability shifts to the purchaser or user.
1. Read and follow all product instructions and labels.  Inspect the product immediately after purchase and before and after each use.  See INSPECTION section below.

2. Receive qualified training in the proper use, inspection, and maintenance of the equipment, including techniques appropriate to the activity.  The product information contained in catalogs and brochures is not a substitute for qualified personal instruction.  Qualified training includes inspection, maintenance, safety procedures, risk management, and the limitations of equipment.  If you are not competent in the use of the product, do not use it.  Receive qualified training.

3. Determine if the product is suitable for the intended use and that it meets all the standards and regulations applicable to that use.  The manufacturer may provide some assistance, but the knowledge of applicable standards and regulations is sole responsibility of the user.

4. Use adequate safety precautions including belays and other backup systems.  Use good judgment and do not exceed the safe working load of the equipment.  Do not attempt operations that the user is not properly trained to perform.

5. Do not alter the product in any way.  Any repairs must be made in accordance with manufacturers instructions, or by the manufacturer or their authorized representative.

6. Provide a copy of this warning information to the ACTUAL user.  It is the responsibility of the wholesaler/dealer/purchaser to provide a Copy of This information to the user.  Additional copies of this notice or product instructions are available from Rescue Systems Unc., P.O. Box 596, Collinsville, VA  24087.

NFPA Standard 1983, Fire Service Rope, Harnesses, and Hardware, 2001 edition, recommends inspection after each use by a qualified person.

ANSI AI 0.14, Requirements for Safety Belts, Harnesses, Lanyards, Lifelines, and Drop Lines for Construction and Industrial use, requires items to be visually inspected before each use, and that they be inspected at least twice annually and the date recorded.

ANSI Z359.1 Standards for personal Fall Arrest Systems, Subsystems and Components requires that equipment be inspected before each use and that they be inspected at least annually by a competent person other than the user.  When the inspections reveal any defects in, damage to, or inadequate maintenance of the equipment, the equipment must be immediately removed from service and either destroyed or undergo adequate corrective maintenance by a qualified organization before being returned to service.  Rescue Systems Inc. recommends that each department or organization develop its own standards and procedures for inspection which are no less stringent than those cited above.  Each user should be trained in the proper inspection procedures.  We recommend that all products be inspected when purchased, and before and after each use, and by a qualified non-user at least twice annually.  Detailed records of all inspections should be kept.

Prices subject to change without notice.
Ordering Instructions

1. Orderline: 1-800-552-1133, for information call (276)629-2900. FAX (276)629-4600

2. Clearly print your name and street address.  RSI prefers to ship via UPS, but will ship parcel post or motor freight at the request of our customers.

3. Use catalog numbers AND descriptions.  This will help us correctly and promptly fill your orders.

4. Remember to indicate size and color where applicable.

5. When ordering by phone, our office hours are 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Shipping Information

All rope and equipment is sold F.O.B. shipping point.  All orders will be shipped UPS when practical.  Shipping charges for retail customers inside the US will be approximately 8% of merchandise cost, $8.00 minimum.  Stretchers must be shipped by motor freight as they are oversized for UPS.

Damaged Shipments

If the shipping ocntainer is damaged when you receive it, open the carton and inspect the contents.  DO NOT return the goods to us unless you have received a return authorization.  Immediately report any damage to the carrier.

Payment Policy

All orders from individuals are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or check with order.  Please allow time for your check to clear your bank.  Prices are in U. S. Dollars and are subject to change without notice.  Purchase orders are accepted from government agencies, businesses, cities, and municipalities.  Sales tax is required on all orders picked up or delivered in Bassett, VA.

All merchandise offered in this catalog is returnable (in new condition) within ten days, for any reason, for full refund or credit less original shipping costs.

Damaged Shipments

Damaged shipments should be reported to the carrier immediately and not returned until instructions are received.

Limited Warranty

Limited warranty (as set forth in the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act, USC S230112).  Rescue Systems, Inc.'s products are warranted to the original retail purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year and will be replaced or repaired without charge upon inspection by Rescue Systems, Inc. at its facility (disclosing no misuse or alteration, which, in the judgment of the manufacturer, has affected the condition or operation of the product).  Normal wear and tear or incorrect use shall not be covered by this warranty.

All implied warranties imposed by low in connection with the sale of Rescue Systems, Inc. products are also limited in duration to a period of one year.  Rescue Systems, Inc. expressly excludes and shall not be liable for any consequential damages arising out of any breach of written or implied warranties on the sales of Rescue Systems products.

NOTE: Some states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts nor the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

Product Modifications

Rescue Systems, Inc. reserves the right to modify, without notice, the specifications of products described in this catalog.

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