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Screamers are exceptionally good for use in anchor point protection in any raising, lowering, or cave rappelling situations. Screamers not only absorb energy when a system is overloaded but they act as a very reliable indicator that the system is being overloaded. Screamers can be set up to accommodate various activation forces (550, 950, 1200 lbs. force) This can serve as a controllable "weak link" in the system. When the screamer activates, the action of the stitching ripping makes a loud tearing sound indicating the system has reached the screamer's activation point. The activation point of the screamer is consistently repeatable to + 7% - 10% accuracy. Screamers are very useful in documenting maximum loads not exceeded in a given situation. Screamers can be combined in series, ganged up, double or triple to increase the activation force or the total absorption. Single Screamer activation force 550 lb. force. Energy absorption 500 ft. lb. Ganged 2 Screamers. Activation force 950 lb. (2 screamers clipped in parallel). Energy absorption: 1,000 lbs.

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