Line Transfer Kit

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Block and Tackle systems are the most widespread of the simple mechanical advantage systems. Pulleys used may have one or more sheaves. These systems are most practical when the distance traveled is short (e.g. 50 feet) and the pull needs to be made in a single operation. They are most often used in urban and industrial environments such as caisson and confined space rescues. To order the hardware for the pictured Mechanical Advantage systems, use the individual catalog number of each component OR specify the hardware kit number. Rope and Anchor slings are NOT included in the hardware kits. We recommend a 1/2" x 150 ft. rope for most block and tackle systems and a 10 foot anchor sling or shorter as necessary.

Line Transfer Kit

This kit Is a 2:1 or 3:1 mechanical advantage system depending upon which pulley is up. It provides the security of a built-in safety cam. This unit comes with 20 feet of 7/16" rope for Lifting. For utmost safety it is furnished with 2 of our autolocking steel carabiners for attachment.


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