Industrial Rope Grabs (1/2'' Rope)

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Rescue activities often require the use of rope grabs for hauling systems, etc. For these reasons we are offering our approved rope grabs with lanyards. In recent years much concern has been expressed about the rope damage caused by traditional rope grabs. These new grabs slip before causing rope failure. For example, the 1/2" unit clutches between 800 and 1,000 pounds on BW + series 1/2" ropes with NO rope damage. For that reason they can ONLY be used on the correct size rope. These grabs have the 2" diameter rigging hole to prevent rollout of attaching snaps, etc. ALL OF OUR INDUSTRIAL ROPE GRABS PASS THE A.N.S.I. DROP TEST. These are quality U.S. made stainless steel units. They exceed all OSHA, NFPA, CSA and ANSI standards for rope grabs and ascenders. Tensile strength: 6,000 lbs. Weight: 24 oz.

Comes with 3' lanyard.


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