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About Rescue Systems, Inc.

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Rescue Systems is an inspiration that sprang from spelunking days in the historic Greenbrier Limestone Belt caves in the lush mountains of West Virginia combined with a lifeís work in rescue and industry.  The question was asked if the convenience of the sports gear used for spelunking and climbing could be combined with the rigorous specifications and requirements for the certified gear required for use in the rescue and industrial world.  The answer to that question became Rescue Systems.

Rescue Systems has been a recognized leader and authority in the rescue and industrial safety world for over a quarter of a century.  A company noted for its innovative products, high quality standards, customer service and itís in depth knowledge of rescue and industrial techniques and requirements.  Rescue System's mission is to bring all emergency personnel the highest quality and safest rescue equipment available 

RSI Product Index
Accessory/Prussik Cords
Anchors and Links
Bullard Helmets
Chest and SCBA Harnesses
Confined Space Equip.
Edge Protection
Equip. Kits
Escape Kits
Fall Protection
Full Body Harnesses
Harness Accessories
Litter Bridles
Mechanical Advantage Systems
Pacific Helmets
Patient Immobilization
Personal Safety
Rigging Equip.
Rigging Slings
Rope Accessories
Rope Bags
Screamers and Etriers
Search & Escape Kits
Seat Harnesses
Shackles Snaps Swivels
Specialized Harnesses
Specialty Carabiners
Stainless Steel Pulleys
Sterling Fire Rescue Rope
Sterling HTP Static Rope
Sterling Sewn and Swaged Ropes
Sterling Superstatic Rope
Water Rescue Products
Webbing and Accessories

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